About Us

Located in Tanjong Pagar, Kan Sushi is an authentic Japanese restaurant that is dedicated to serving only the best of Japanese fare with their selection of the best seasonal fish from Asahi Fisheries in Japan.

The owner is originated from Osaka, Japan, which famous for the high-quality and artistic knife production - Sakai Takayuki, which has been cultivated through a long 600-year history in Sakai which is a city known best as a home of cutlery for the professionals in Japan.

From there, he wants to introduce the beautiful and exceptionally efficient Japanese knives to Singaporean, through his sushi restaurant. Each knife is hand sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness out of the box. We highly recommend you to once experience the Takayuki quality.


Other than Sushi restaurant and knife selling, we often held the entertaining events too, like Sake tasting and Maguro (Tuna) cutting show. From the events, we'd like to showcase the high quality of our products, like how fresh the Tuna imported from Japan, how sharp our knife products, and introduce you to numerous of Japanese Sake.