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Sakai Takayuki [07391] 33 Layer Hammered Damascus "Petty knife" 150mm

Sakai Takayuki [07391] 33 Layer Hammered Damascus "Petty knife" 150mm

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Sakai Takayuki [07391] Petty 150mm

This is one of their main series of Western style Damascus knives. A cutting layer or VG10 steel is clad in stainless Damascus steel with a beautiful hammered finish.

"Petty" knives are used for peeling and crafting vegetable, fruit skins.  

Brand:Sakai Takayuki 
Blade type : Double edge
Model:33 Layer Hammered Damascus
Blade material:33 layer Hammered Damascus Stain Resistant Steel
Blade Length:150mm 
Handle-Material:Spanish Mahogany

Definition of Blade Length:The length from top edge of the blade to the end.


銘:孝行 Damascus VG-10



柄:スペイン マホガニー




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