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Sakai Takayuki [00203] VG-10 Honyaki Shoryu "Kengata Yanagiba Hien" 300mm

Sakai Takayuki [00203] VG-10 Honyaki Shoryu "Kengata Yanagiba Hien" 300mm

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Sakai takayuki [00203] Kengata Yanagiba Hien 300mm

"Yanagiba" knives are used for cutting sashimi.

"Kengata Yanagiba" knives have pointed blade edge that are possible to craft.

Japanese style single bevel knives made from VG10, a steel combining rust resistance with the ability to take a finely polished edge.
The handle and sheath are made of Wenge, a wood with a deep-coloured grain, giving the set a luxurious feel.

Brand:Sakai Takayuki
Blade:Single edged
Model:VG-10 Honyaki Shoryu 
Blade length:300mm 
Handle material :Wenge

Definition of Blade Length:The length from top edge of the blade to the end.
品名:VG-10 本焼昇龍
刃:VG-10 本焼

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