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Sakai Takayuki [02263] Ginryu "Sashimi SW Steel Honyaki" 300mm

Sakai Takayuki [02263] Ginryu "Sashimi SW Steel Honyaki" 300mm

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Sakai Takayuki [02263] Sashimi SW Steel Honyaki 300mm

These are our highest grade stainless steel Honyaki knives. They are ground by master craftsmen in the traditional way and come with a mirror finish and a lacquered Saya.

 "Sashimi(Yanagiba)" knives are used for cutting sashimi.

Brand:Sakai Takayuki
Blade type:  Single edged (for Right-handed persons)

Edge Material : SW steel

Handle materialEbony/Corian

Blade length : 300mm

Definition of Blade Length:The length from top edge of the blade to the end.

品名 : 堺孝行 銀龍SW鋼本焼 柳刃
銘:登録 堺孝行
刃: スエーデン鋼 本焼
柄:黒檀柄 コーリアン白両輪
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