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Sakai Takayuki [07200] Knife for Home "Gyuto (Blue2 interrupt)" 180mm

Sakai Takayuki [07200] Knife for Home "Gyuto (Blue2 interrupt)" 180mm

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Sakai Takayuki [07200] Gyuto 180mm
Behind the Sakai Takayuki brand is 600 plus years of knife making history by skilled craftsmen of Sakai City, Osaka prefecture. Originally famous for the production of Samurai swords, the makers in Sakai take pride in their work and never compromise on quality.

"Gyuto" knives are all-round for meat, fish, vegetables and bread. The blade is thin, so unsuitable for hard foods.


Brand:Sakai Takayuki
Blade material:Blue steel 2 Double edged blade
Model:Blue Steel Hammered 3 Layer Gyuto Japanese Knife 180mm
Handlematerial:Packer Wood
Blade length:180mm

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