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Sakai Takayuki [12440] INOX PRO "Petty knife" 120mm

Sakai Takayuki [12440] INOX PRO "Petty knife" 120mm

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Sakai Takayuki 12440!!!
The blade by Sakai Takayuki is made out of "INOX" Stainless steel AUS8A made-in-Japan steel, that has good sharpness and durability with Rust-resistance. With combining the "INOX" Stainless steel and the Japanese traditional production technology, the blade was born as a completely new unique product with excellent razor-sharpness and good rust-resistance at a reasonable price. 

Brand:Sakai Takayuki
Blade: Single edged blade
Model:INOX PRO Japanese Chef's Petty Knife(Utility) 120mm
Blade INOX Steel
Handle materialStainless
Size: Blade length 12 cm , Overall length 24.5 cm , Weight 88 g

Option Wooden Saya Cover & Ebony Saya Pin Definition of Blade Length:the Length from top edge of the blade to the end." "ペティナイフ 120mm INOXプロ
仕様 銘:堺孝行  12440
特徴 ブレードをハンドルをオールステンレスで仕上げた衛生的でスタイリッシュな和包丁です。
用途 家庭用~本職用(ステンレス系)
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