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Sakai Takayuki [14235] Silver3 interrupt "Kengata Yanagiba Hiengata" 300mm

Sakai Takayuki [14235] Silver3 interrupt "Kengata Yanagiba Hiengata" 300mm

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Sakai Takayuki [14235] Kengata Yanagiba Hiengata 300mm

This series is hammer forged by master Shogo Yamatsuka from Silver 3 steel with a cladding of soft stainless steel. Ebony handles give the knives a luxurious appearancde.

"Yanagiba" knives are used for cutting sashimi.

"Kengata Yanagiba" knives have  pointed blade edge that are possible to craft.

Brand:Sakai Takayuki
Blade Type: Double edged 
Model:  Silver 3 steel interrup
Edge Material : Silver Steel #3
Blade Length : 300mm
Handle Material  :Ebony/Buffalo horn
Definition of Blade Length:The length from top edge of the blade to the end.

品名:堺孝行 銀三割り込み黒丹柄 
銘:堺孝行 為
柄:  黒丹八角 水牛
特徴 : サビに強い高級鋼材の銀三綱を芯材に使用した包丁です。ハンドルには高級感漂う黒丹八角柄を取り付けました。
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